Crowning is when the baby’s head will begin to show through the vagina.  With each downward breath, more and more of the baby’s head can be seen.  When the wave goes, the head retracts.  Crowning is when there is no more retraction and all of the baby’s crown is stretching the perineum.  Many women say they feel a burning and

stretching sensation deep in their perineum.  This is a good time to stop pushing/nudging so that baby’s head can be eased out over the perineum, slowly and gently to prevent tearing. Most women have an overwhelming urge to push at this point.  It can feel uncontrollable.  You will find that women who are calm and relaxed and have practised the Inside Birth® hypnosis techniques are quietly in control of this stage and use their breath to ease baby down the birth path, gently and slowly.  Allowing baby to descend slowly and easing him out gently, will prevent tearing or the need for an episiotomy.    The head is the widest diameter to fit through the pelvis and many women heave a sigh of relief once baby’s head is born.  Women who are practiced in the art of Inside Birth® will often breathe their baby’s head out, without any need for ‘instruction’ from staff.  Women should be able to birth their baby in whatever position they find comfortable at the time.  This will generally be a gravity friendly position, which will assist baby to not only be in the correct position, but make the passage much easier for Mum and baby.  Being flat on the back, can make it much longer, and harder work for Mum and baby, and most women would not ‘choose’ to be in this position.

Following the birth of the head there is usually a rest period before the next wave, when the top shoulder appears and the rest of the body is born with one contraction.

Following the birth it is important for the new family to be left alone.  Weighing and measuring the baby, bathing etc. do not have to be done immediately.  What is important is for Mum and baby to have that skin to skin and eye to eye contact, in a calm environment with soft or no lighting.  There are no words to describe this feeling of overwhelming joy that a new Mum feels.