The one ‘test’ that will be done is an Apgar Score, which is really just a measurement of the baby’s ‘condition’ at birth.  They are given a score at 1 min. and 5 mins. Of age (welcome to this competitive world!)

Apgar Score checks 5 things:

  1. Heart rate
  2. Respiratory rate
  3. Colour
  4. Muscle Tone
  5. Reflexes

A total of 2 for each, so perfect score is 10.  It is normal for a baby at 1 min. of age to be still a little blue in colour and a bit floppy so, following a normal birth a baby may have a score of 8/10 at 1 min. and 10/10 at 5 mins.  This is a quick judgement that is usually made by the Midwife in attendance.  The baby does not need to be removed from its mother’s arms.  Most parents are not even aware of the score being done.