It is important to have a basic understanding of anatomy or what our pelvis actually looks like. Following is some basic definitions of the magnificent female pelvis!



Getting to know your client will have a powerful, positive effect on her pregnancy, labour and birth outcomes.  ‘Knowing’ the woman gives you an understanding of her physical, emotional, social and spiritual being.  It makes the woman visible and provides balance.  This is an opportunity that is unique to doulas.  You represent her and her baby, you are her advocate.  It is a different relationship with all other caregivers as they represent a medical/hospital/health system in which they have to follow THOSE rules.

All pregnant women have some fears and anxieties, which are often fuelled by an intimidating hospital system.  Combine that with all the overwhelming online sites and it can be a recipe for disaster.  Our pregnant women are way too stressed.

A doula must understand fear, where this comes from, and how to release fear.